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Why, hello there...

There is only one band.

There is only one pairing.

And that will always be the case, but this journal is no longer in use.

Fandom: Avengers (Movieverse)
Pairing: Natasha/Imaginary!Steve/Imaginary!Bruce
Rating: NC17
Words: 1500+
Warning: dub-con, voyeurism/exhibitionism kink
AN: from a bunny released into the wild by Anna_Unfolding. Just visiting this exciting fandom in the wake of my Avengers Squee! <3 

Flight DeckCollapse )
Title: Pan Goes A Courting
Author: roxy_palace
Beta: anna_unfolding, who always, always gets it.
Pairing: Pete/Patrick
Rating: R
Word Count: 6800
Disclaimer: None of this bares so much as a passing similarity to reality.
Warnings: Large doses of crack. And Patrick is too cute for words.
Summary: Once upon a time there was a lonely trickster god named Pan who fell out of an apple tree and in love...

A/N: This is a sequel of sorts to Everyone Comes To Pan’s and was conceived when pennyplainknitssaid she was imagining Patrick with little gossamer wings. Naturally that’s the kind of bunny that deserves immediate attention and care and mountains of juicy orange carrots! Penny my dear, the end result is for you.

Pan Goes A Courting...Collapse )

Title: Bordertown
Author: roxy_palace
Pairing(s)/Characters: Ray/Mikey, Frank/Gerard (pre-slash), James Dewees, Bob Bryar, OCs, Wolfboy, Sparks
Summary: They left after Elena. She'd always said there would be a sign, and Gerard couldn't help but see her death, her leaving them, as anything but a sign to get the hell out of New Jersey.
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 16, 216
Warnings: Non central-character death, grief, cavalier attitudes to violence, threats of violence, drug use, drying out, accidental drug use which is central to the plot, cavalier attitudes to drug use. Happy endings in spite of these things - this is definitely not Dark!fic but the verse it’s riffing on is quite dark.

Author's notes...Collapse )

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amkave's beautiful art is here

Bandom Reverse Big Bang Art #3

"They thought the Earth would go down easy as a two dollar whore...But they didn't count on... IERO: ALIEN HUNTER. Protecting the Earth from the scum of the universe. Coming soon, to a theater near you!"

Warnings: Absolutely no warnings unless you count how frikken hot Frankie is in that pic? In which case: WARNING: Unfeasibly-cute-rhythm-guitarist v sci-fi film mash up.
Artist Notes: Please don't pair Frankie with anyone outside MCR. Also, please no Pedicone, wives or het (unless it's Girl!Gee/Mikey/Ray/Bob). Forbidden Alien!band love is welcome. As is bizarre tentacle sex. H/C, romance, fluff, schmoop and general silliness are positively encouraged.


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